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Breakfast Club

At St Albans North Primary School, we believe in the importance of a healthy and good start to the school day day. 

Our busy, colourful and welcoming Breakfast Club is open daily and available to all students free of cost. Every student is welcome to come in at any time before school to either sit down and eat or have something to take away with them.

Parents are also welcome to come and visit and enjoy the space, which has become a nice meeting point in the morning to stay and have a chat.

The Breakfast Club is open from 8:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. every morning at the old canteen. All students are encouraged to come in and enjoy a variety of foods to kick-start their day including:

Toast                          Cornflakes                Rice Bubbles           WeetBix

Sultana Bran               Cheerios                   Oats/Porridge         Fruit Salad               

Muesli                         Baked Beans            Take away milk        Fresh fruit


School Breakfast Clubs program is an initiative of the Victorian Government in partnership with Foodbank Victoria. The Foodbank have been generous in their ongoing support of our school’s Breakfast Club.

This ensures that all our students have the opportunity to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast to get them through the day.

“A good breakfast can not only change a child’s morning it can make a big difference to their future. Unfortunately 1 in 7 Australian children arrive at school each day without having had breakfast.” (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013)

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