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About Us

St Albans North Primary School is a P-6 school with 225 children, located in the City of Brimbank, west of Melbourne. Our school is a community focused school providing a supportive environment that enhances the learning, personal growth and wellbeing of all students.


Our main focus is to improve student outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy. Equity funding has been used to build teacher capacity and improve instructional practice in these areas. St Albans North Primary School’s vision is to equip learners for the demands and opportunities of the twenty-first century by providing a differentiated, effective and rigorous curriculum as an entitlement to all. St Albans North Primary School is committed to providing positive learning experiences for each student within a safe and caring environment in order to develop student's self-esteem and personal growth.


We believe in a strong community spirit where relationships between students, teachers, and families are fostered and supported and our school values of Learning, Relationships, Safety, and Equity are actively promoted through our school welfare program. St Albans North Primary School has access to a number of services to support the wellbeing of students and their families with the aim of assisting with each child’s individual learning needs.

Wheelchair access is provided throughout the school. Modern safe playgrounds with a mixture of paved and grassed areas cater for recreation and outdoor learning activities and a school canteen operates daily.


Parent participation is welcome throughout the school and parents are encouraged to contribute to the development of school policy. Weekly newsletters sent via Xuno keep the school community fully informed.

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