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At St Albans North Primary School we challenge each child’s creativity and imagination. An Arts program is offered where the students have the opportunity to attend class for an hour a week. The Arts program includes Visual, Performing and Media Art.

The Visual Arts program covers the techniques of Drawing, Printing, Painting, Collage, Modelling, Construction and Threads & Textiles. 

The Performing Arts program includes 3 learning areas; Music, Dance, Drama. Students explore the elements of dance; time, space and energy. Students engage in games, exercises, improvisation, script, mime, puppetry and performance, focusing on their expressive skills; voice, movement, gesture and facial expression. These disciplines are celebrated in our end of year Whole School Concert.

The Media Art Program offers students opportunities to explore telling stories through sound and images, including photos and film. They make and share their media artworks as artists and audience.

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