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Student Wellbeing Officer


St Albans North Primary School has a full time Student Wellbeing Officer based at the school. Vesna has an extensive background in Social Work and has worked with children and families within the Brimbank area for over 15 years.

Her focus is on promoting the health and wellbeing of students and working to improve student engagement and connectedness. Vesna works closely with parents, families, school staff, community based services and early childhood providers. Areas she is able to assist in include parenting support, grief and loss, family violence, material relief and general support.

Vesna also works on strengthening partnerships with support services and health and community organisations, in order to provide responsive, diverse and coordinated support for children and their families.

Her roles include:

  • Providing individual counselling and support for students.

  • Recognising and assisting children with mental health difficulties.

  • Working one on one with students both in and outside the classroom.

  • Delivering group work programs targeted at areas such as social and emotional learning, bullying, resilience, mindfulness, emotional regulation and positive mental health.

  • Engaging and working with families in addressing student needs.

  • Providing parenting support to families and/or carers who require additional assistance.

  • Consulting with and referring families to appropriate community agencies, organisations and specialised services.

  • Community engagement and advocacy

  • Supporting school partnerships with various community organisations

  • Running the School Breakfast Club and delivery of lunch time programs


Contact and Referrals:

Parents and carers can access Vesna by organising a confidential appointment. If you would like to discuss your child's wellbeing, or find out more about how the school can support your family, you can do so by calling through to the school and asking to speak with her.

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