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Gardening Club

Our garden is more than just about growing veggies!

At St Albans North Primary School, we run a fun, vibrant and growing Garden Club and Kitchen Garden lunchtime program. Since installing our new garden beds in 2019, a group of grade 2-6 student volunteers have been busy bringing the space to life. It is a space that brings students and the school community together, where everyone has an opportunity to volunteer and enjoy the area.


Students are provided with the opportunity to take part in caring for and nurturing our school vegetable patch and are assisted in preparing, maintaining, and harvesting crops from the garden Activities are focused on how to maintain the garden beds, watering and pruning, removing weeds and knowledge of seasonal produce. Everyone is welcome to join in and we often have our enthusiastic junior school students helping at lunchtimes, to water, clean and tend to the garden. There are always jobs to be done!

Cooking classes compliment this program. Each term, students have fun cooking with the seasonal produce in our kitchen space and eating delicious meals at the end that they have helped prepare.

We enjoy getting our whole school community involved, including parents and families, during our annual working bees! It is a great opportunity to get everyone together and most of all, the children enjoy it.

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