The development of Literacy skills is essential in creating confident and purposeful communicators, imaginative thinkers and curious and informed citizens. At St Albans North Primary School we place a strong emphasis on exploring language and expanding student understanding of vocabulary through engaging and meaningful texts that include a variety of themes and concepts.


Students are lead through a daily 2 hour literacy block that includes Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening and Vocabulary study. They are taught using a diverse range of instructional practices that model what good readers and writers do, encourages participation in order to display independent practice of lesson content, promotes a love for books and enables goal setting in order to assist students in building their literacy learning.

Located in the City of Brimbank 20kms from Melbourne, our school provides a great learning environment and features bright, comfortable, carpeted classrooms with plenty of natural light, central heating and evaporative cooling.

65 George Street, St Albans

Victoria, 3021

Tel: (03) 9366 2029

Fax: (03) 9366 4930